All you need is LOVE.

Reaching the children in the community by teaching them to know the truth through the scriptures. Develop discipline and consistency from an early age into the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and to help them build a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior.

Planting in their hearts seeds of respect, passion and fear in the things of God. Founding them security and strive to learn the truth without removing the authority of beliefs in their homes. Giving the place the Holy Spirit to complete its work in them.

To create a movement of Ministry & Church Planting in Multi-Housing Communities throughout America and the World.

To Built Churches and missions where GOD opens the doors

To help people to get involved in the Local Churches.

To help fulfill the Spiritual and Physical needs of Children in the local community and in the United States of America, Costa Rica, Mexico and Colombia.


 Does this ministry produce Christians?

YES, it does. There are a number of people in the group who testify to the work of God in their personal lives. There are people who have been released from the bondage of sin, and have chosen to become both active in spreading their faith and in the life of the church. Still, most of the people being ministered to are new Christians, and so have much development before them.

What do the converts know about Jesus?

There were several members who did not yet understand Jesus and his message. One was inclined towards a prosperity gospel and another to an apparently over-active belief in angels. However, several other members of the group appeared to have a solid understanding of the Gospel, and of Biblical Christianity and to some extent were able to address the concerns and errors of their peers.

Who is responsible for their spiritual development?

The spiritual development of members of the Apartment Ministries lies primarily with the Pastor, The Director and the volunteers.

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