Third Assessment

Dr. Miladys received the medicine and made a nutritional assessment of all the children in the dining room, the elderly, and the adults. The changes after just one month were visible and palpable in each of the dining room participants. The overall results were that they gained a little weight, and their appearance is alive,

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Custom Socks and Medicines

     Dr. Miladys received two pairs of socks, and immediately they made the trip to the ranchería to put them on the boy. She requested medicines to replace those used in the Medical Campaign.

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First Medical Campaign

From July 27th to the 30th, Dr. Miladys and her sister-in-law, who is a nurse, and the granddaughter of Belgica, held a FULL medical campaign. They took all the required sanitation precautions, masks for patients, keeping the distance between patients, and hand washing. During the three days of the Medical Campaign, 130 patients received medical

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Dining Room is Growing

More elderly and young people were added to the dining room, for a total of 30 people. Within their community, they have joined together, and those who have goats sell them at a reasonable price. Those who bring fruit and vegetables do the same, and thus in the community, they are helping each other to

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Medical Equipment

Medical equipment, supplies, medicines, a stretcher, nebulizers, urine test strips, a small set for minor surgeries, were shipped from Bogota to Riohacha to start the Medical Center, “Consultorio Medico Yawaka.”

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Medical Center

Looking back on the health needs that we experienced in this Rancheria last year on our Mission trip and observing the daily progress of the children, the elderly, and the health needs, we were inspired to provide them financial assistance to start the Medical Center. Chiefly, now that the Wayuu is not allowed to leave

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Second Medical Evaluation

Doctor Miladys returned to visit and observe the children, teaching them about personal hygiene, and how to live in the community in these times of the pandemic. The result that the Doctor gave us was fascinating, and all the children showed lucidity in learning, smiling faces, and bright eyes. The mothers who are cooking and

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Mercy Project 2020

After much prayer, we have come to the firm belief that this is the will of God for ELM at this time. This is why we have already stepped out in faith; and, this is why we are now asking you (ELM’s prayer partners and generous donors) to prayerfully seek God’s direction (1) in praying for

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Mask Up!

Donated by Rolando and Luz Marina Alvarado

Through Dr. Miladys and Belgica, Children and Adults are learning how to use the mask properly.

All you need is Love!

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