Third Assessment

Dr. Miladys received the medicine and made a nutritional assessment of all the children in the dining room, the elderly, and the adults. The changes after just one month were visible and palpable in each of the dining room participants. The overall results were that they gained a little weight, and their appearance is alive,

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Mercy Project 2020

After much prayer, we have come to the firm belief that this is the will of God for ELM at this time. This is why we have already stepped out in faith; and, this is why we are now asking you (ELM’s prayer partners and generous donors) to prayerfully seek God’s direction (1) in praying for

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Mask Up!

Donated by Rolando and Luz Marina Alvarado

Through Dr. Miladys and Belgica, Children and Adults are learning how to use the mask properly.

All you need is Love!

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