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Dear Friends and Ministry Partners:

In September the world was focused on the Texas Gulf coast as hurricane Harvey came ashore, dumping record rainfall amounts on us. In Houston the plans for handling such extreme amounts of water were stretched to the breaking point. Everlasting Love Ministries (ELM) had to endure this disaster in the Houston area.

Thankfully the Lord spared us personal devastation. But, He did give our church many opportunities to minister to those in our community who were hit hard by flooding. We were able to reach out with helping hands, and in the process share the gospel message with those we might not otherwise have had contact with. Being involved in this extra activity, we felt it was necessary to delay our newsletter to you.

This has been an amazing year so far for ELM!! God has been so faithful in guiding and empowering us as He works His will through us. You have been a big part of this in so many ways: you have prayed faithfully for ELM, believing that God was working through us; you have contributed your time being directly involved in our activities; and, you have contributed financially so we all can minister as the Lord leads us.

Many of us are greatly blessed in so many ways, and the Lord has given us the opportunity to reach out to others that often have less opportunities -- as the Church fulfills what the risen Christ said as He left His disciples -- “but you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth. Acts 1:8”

We find ourselves in that verse as we all minister in one way or another in Houston neighborhoods or apartments, and as we travel to remote places in Colombia to minister to the Wayuu people. Our God is amazing, faithful, and He is a promise-keeping God!!!

During our summer time VBS activities 16 kids accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior! We praise God for this harvest! These were kids who had been coming every Friday to our regular Bible classes. This VBS was the greatest event for them in understanding God’s plan for them! And now it is exciting to see these kids growing in their faith as we hold our fall “Bible Studies for Life.”

We give a special thanks to our VBS team -- Kim, Martha, Bunny and Marjorie. Your love and dedication to the children’s ministry is wonderful. Without all of you this great blessing would not be possible. You are the light of Jesus, as He ministers through you in the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit. You made a difference in the lives of these children during the VBS this summer.

The ELM journey into Colombia began with prayers for God to send the right people to complete His plan for this mission trip. We had a group of 42 working in Colombia: 19 were from Houston, 13 were from Colombia, and we had 10 translators. was special because of the happy faces on all of these kids!

The Medical Team ministered to 430 patients. They were able to provide the medicine that every patient needed. And when we were ready to return home, the left over medicines were donated to Venezuelan Hospitals. Also, many children received dental treatments and were given toothpaste and tooth brushes. They were also treated for lice and given medication to treat them for three months.

The passion and organizational skills of the Medical Team was amazing! They erected tents, created places for pharmacies, and created places for handling emergencies. They manifested the love of Jesus for people as they had compassion for people in need and as they served those in need. They understood the sacrifices needed in order to provide the best service in difficult places and circumstances. Their work for their patients was very good because they labored for the wellbeing of their patients and the glory of God.

The Service Team ministered to the Wayuu women in a unique way. In the Wayuu society a pedicure is not a necessity, it is a luxury. Many of the Wayuu women received a pedicure, which gives their tired feet relief after walking several miles, for many hours, in order to have medical attention or to get some water. The love of Christ manifested itself through the hands of each of the ladies making up the team. Language was not an obstacle in this labor of love as God shared His love between two cultures.

The VBS Team worked with more than 400 kids! There were so many that some days we were unsure of how many kids we were working with. However, we were able to keep track of the 33 kids who accepted Jesus as their Savior. Also, two of the kids were baptized at the church we built last year.

We had many joyful moments with our team telling Bible stories and worshiping Jesus with the VBS songs. It was quite a challenge for the 5 members of our team to work with so many kids. But with hard work and working wisely Jesus brought us through many challenges and gave us many victories. While only a few kids accepted Jesus, many gospel seeds were sown in their precious hearts.

It is a privilege to be able to tell them that God knows them and loves them, even though they do not know Him! It was exciting that many were receptive and opened their hearts so we were able to share with them God’s Gospel message of love through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.

The mission trip to Colombia was a great success!! Everything happened according to God’s will as He worked His will through us. We visited four Rancherias while ministering to the Wayuu people. We also worshiped with the Wayuu people, and witnessed one of our Colombia team couples being married at the church we built last year. One school let us work with children of ethnic groups other than the Wayuu. Those children had suffered from malnutrition just like the Wayuu people. We were happy to be able to provide some vitamins and supplements for them.

One of the most remarkable and blessed experiences of this missionary journey was to see how God gave strength and encouragement to the discipleship team. After having worked in the field doing other jobs and activities, they met for several hours with more than 25 of the youth group and disciple them. Jesus often surprises us with wonderful opportunities to minister to His Church, the body of Christ.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who made this trip possible. We cannot thank you enough for your generous donations, as well as for your prayers. We wanted you to know that your financial contributions made this work possible, in order that (1) some team members might participate on scholarships, (2) we could provide medical and dental supplies, (3) we could provide VBS supplies, and (4) we might fund the construction work. But most significantly, because of your giving we were able to be in a position to touch the hearts of these people, that they might understand God’s love for them -- this was done both through sharing the Gospel message and through various acts of service.

We would ask that you continue to raise up these people in prayer, that (1) more of them might know the hope that comes only from the Lord Jesus, and (2) that those who are now His might develop a closer and deeper relationship with our Lord.

We would also ask that you raise up the team members in prayer for well being and for growing in our relationship with the Lord Jesus. We pray that the Lord Jesus bless your hearts and bring you into a closer relationship to Him.

We will celebrate Jesus’ birthday at the apartments on Saturday, December 16 from 9:00am to 12:00pm. If the Lord leads you to help us with toys for kids aged 4 to 15, please let us know where we can pick them up.

It is our prayer that God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ give you grace, favor and peace.

Blessings to you from ELM,

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God bless you, Daisy. 

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